D.B.T. in Life
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Developing Balanced Travels in Life

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D.B.T. in Life
Playing Cards

The D.B.T. Playing Cards
are similar to a regular
deck of playing cards.
The suits in a regular deck
 have been changed to
the four D.B.T. modules: 

Diamonds >>
>> Mindfulness Skills
= M in blue text 

Clubs >>
>>Distress Tolerance Skills
= DT in purple text 

Spades >>
>>Emotional Regulation Skills
= ER in green text 

Hearts >>
>>Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
= IPE in red text

You get a deck of 56 Cards,
Skills Definations Handout &
Game Suggesions:

 • D.B.T. Phishing •
• D.B.T. Concentration •
• D.B.T. Charades •
• D.B.T. Pictionary •
• D.B.T. Solitaire •
• D.B.T. Skill of the Day or Week •


D.B.T. in Life
Flyers & Posters
Coming Soon, Very Soon

Dr. Moonshine acknowledges with gratitude Dr. Linehan as the creator of the DBT model. However, all trainings, clinical support, and products sold by Dr. Moonshine are of her own creation without collaboration with Dr. Linehan, or Dr. Linehan’s affiliated company, Behavioral Tech, LLC. Dr. Moonshine’s products are not sanctioned by, sponsored, licensed, or affiliated with Dr. Linehan and/or Behavioral Tech, LLC. Clinicians and programs interested in providing full fidelity DBT and wishing to be recognized as an official DBT clinician should contact Behavioral Tech at http://www.behaivorialtech.org or (206) 675-8588.

D. B. T. in Life
(Developing Balanced Travels in Life)

Playing Cards

Bingo Cards

Dice Game

Board Game


D.B.T. in Life
Dice Game

Have fun playing this colorful dice game
that teaches you the Meta-DBT skills.
The ultimate goal to get all
6 skills in a turn for Jackpot worth 100 points

Each Dice Game comes with:
6 custom colored dice, Skills Defination, Illustration of Skills & Scorepad

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D.B.T. in Life

Board Game




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